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Mining Mannies

Hi, this is a guide to my Minecraft mod Mining Mannies for Forge 1.15.2. I made my mod with the great help of MCreator v2020.4. MCreator did all the heavy lifting for the actual Java programming, meaning that I made this mod using their programming block system. I find the environment great and I love the ease of getting my kids motivated to jump into programming.. I made all the custom 3D-models using Blockbench, textures in Blockbench, GIMP or in directly in MCreator. Of course my stuff is free to use and mod on, just please keep the link to the license if you do. You will need one other MCreator add-in if you do though: Misclenous Plugin. And although I didn’t use it, the ItemStacks Plugin, you will find it also really useful just in case you also wander off into making complicated things with items and itemstacks.

You can find the official mod release here: and the workspace and license here: The rest of this page will be a general guide and list of the crafting recipes. If you like challenges and surprises, then you shouldn't read them! The mod is made to play through the advancements (just push ESC and you will see button), leading you through the Manni evolution to culminate with a transporter that will transport You to them, or them to you, as well as an ore detector (thanks to NorthWestTrees Gaming for the base idea) and a climbing axe to climb your way out of the ludicrous holes those mannies dig!

Mining Manni BabyHere is where it all starts; Phase 1.0.
Let's begin at the beginning: you will see this little tike. This is the Mining Manni Baby. To make it belong to you, sneak-right click on 'em with an empty hand and it will send secret messages to you, telling you when it digs the item you told it to look for. To program them, just click on them to open the GUI. You know when it worked as they will display the name of the item in their first slot. You have to bump into them for it to be updated. Keep in mind, that if you die, they won't be yours anymore! You will have to reset your ownership by clicking sneak right-clicking on them with an empty hand again. To make it, you need 4 wooden-pickaxes and an oak log. But that will be in your recipies. You have access to everything in creative mode. Mining Mannies has its own creative inventory tab as well.
Harvest Slot GUI Taking ownership
Secret messages Already owned
The TeleporterFor teleporting you to them, or them to you.
The teleporter is where the action really starts happening. If you own a manni and you own a teleporter, then they will teleport to the coordinates you set when one of their slots is full. You just have to right-click on it to own it. You can teleport to them based on the last broadcast position or you can enter the coordinates manually. You need to add batteries (but they down loose power) to the teleporter to increase the manni teleportation chance by clicking on the button "Teleport Chance" while holding batteries in your right hand. Right now it is a flat probability, which is okay. In survival mode, you have to spawn in the teleporter - you cannot craft it - You need to place four iron blocks in a cross formation with center free. Then place redstone in the center. As you can see, it spawns in on a steel platform and generates an electric field. But don't worry, nobody can be damaged by it. Note: I don't recommend destroying the teleporter - it just might break when you do it.
Spawn formation Place Redstone last! opps!
Spawned teleporter Owner Set
Control Panel Adding Batteries
AdvancementsHow to drive a game.
In order to help the player understand in which order you could play the mod, I have added advancements and release recipes at each step. I am showing you all of them here, but if you play a survival game, you would encounter each task or challenge smoothly during normal game play. To leave some mystery, I won't tell you what each one actually does - but you can see what you need to look for. The ore advancement tab works the same way.
I figured out that you can end up with 4 different main toggles: sneaking or not sneaking + main-hand or off-hand. This gives one a lot of combinations. But don't worry, after a while I decided only to use this madness sparingly.
To use the poppy, place it in the left hand and click on a manni; you control the toggle function by standing up or sneaking. The rest of the boosts work from the main-hand as normally expected.

Table 1. Crafting recipies.

Item/Block Name Recipe Description
Battery Cells Each battery will give you a 20% chance for manni transport. Don't worry, the teleporter doesn’t drain them.
Climbing Axe You need two axes to climb any rock surface; But you need to make yourself a landing spot, you can't climb on top of rock with them. If I'd be a java master, I would make the left hand also move to give a real climbing feel. You need steel for this one. See Table 2 below.
Ore Detector You can detect any ore if you know how to configure the detector. To do that, hold an ore in your left hand and sneak left-click in the air, this will enable it. You get a nice message if you find something! You will get the recipe for making a piston as soon as you find redstone.
Coal Ore To the basics! A ring of rock with a coal in the center.
Iron Ore Iron hard. Don't let it rust. A ring of rock with an iron ingot in the center.
Diamond Ore Good luck with this one. A ring of rock with a diamond in the center.
Emerald Ore Green is nice. A ring of rock with an emerald in the center.
Redstone Ore Useful, red and powerful.
Lapis Ore Since lapis drops a random number, you need more to make an ore of it.
Nether Ore I don't know if you need it, but you can make it. A ring of netherrack with nether quartz in the center.

Table 2. Special recipes.

Item/Block Event Recipe Description
Make Cobblestone You can smelt cobblestone to make stone. But how do you make cobblestone without a pick? With a stone cutter of course! Did you know that you can smelt stone to smooth stone? (Hint: You need smooth stone to make a blast furnace; that might be useful).
Smelt Coal Ore You can smelt your coal ores to extract coal. Optionally, you set them down and pick them yourself.
Steel Ingot This is steel. Nice to make climbing axes and insanely hard steel blocks. You need a blast furnace, a normal one just ain't hot enough. Blast iron in a blast furnace to make steel.
Make steel block This is a steel block. Hard as steel.

Table 3. Mannies in survival mode.
Mannies can only be made at the beginning of each phase.
They evolve every 3 minutes until they reach Phase 4.5.
Evolving from one phase level to the next releases the achievement and egg recipe.

Manni Phase Slots Max Items Max Damage Recipe
1.0 1 4 8
This phase will follow you with their egg pickaxe.
1.1 1 8 10 evolves
1.2 1 12 12 evolves
1.3 1 16 16 evolves
1.4 1 32 18 evolves
1.5 1 64 20 evolves
2.0 2 4 20
This phase will follow you with their egg pickaxe.
2.1 2 8 23 evolves
2.2 2 12 26 evolves
2.3 2 16 30 evolves
2.4 2 32 35 evolves
2.5 2 64 40 evolves
3.0 3 4 40
This phase will follow you with their egg pickaxe.
3.1 3 8 43 evolves
3.2 3 12 46 evolves
3.3 3 16 50 evolves
3.4 3 32 55 evolves
3.5 3 64 60 evolves
4.0 4 4 60
This phase will follow you with their egg pickaxe.
4.1 4 8 63 evolves
4.2 4 12 66 evolves
4.3 4 16 70 evolves
4.4 4 32 75 evolves
4.5 4 64 80 evolves
Seeker 1.0 1 1 10 Egg given when Phase 1.5 evolves to Phase 2.0. They seek the item/block that is dropped when you mine an ore. But they will tell you that if you own them and try to populate their search slot. Has a range of 1 block.
Seeker 2.0 2 1 10 Evolves from phase 1.0.
This one can "see" a little bit farther, but both cannot see through rocks. This one can see a distance of 3 blocks.

I think I will make it look down through the ground, and maybe also dig to it. That would be something for Mining Mannies v2.0.