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LEGO® project #1: Servo motor box for power functions controlled by an IR receiver over Arduino.

Code for reading out LEGO PF 8885 messages with an Arduino is already on Github. The hardware bit is not ready yet, but I have a walkthrough for the microcontroller code is done (or go back and click on Arduino). I still need to make a build guide for the servo housing as well as demo videos and some hints how to use it. Slow it is.

The harware license for this project is here: Servo Box License.

LEGO® project #2: Tablet, cell phone, ebook holder.

Project using Lego Technic® bricks to build a tablet/cell-phone/e-book holder. Works well for 6-inch to 10-inch screens and acceptably for smaller phones. Click image for more images and building instructions.

The license for this project is here: Table Stand License.