My first cytometry animation

Here is my first animation of a cytonozzle. I did this in Blender 2.8a. It is a simple rendition, but I think it came out alright for a first try. You may use this animation in your talks etc. under the license found here: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Click on the image to view the animation.

How to prepare Maki sushi

A small webpage with a video (no sound) how to prepare maki sushi. Click the image to enter.

Playing with Minetest

Minestest is an open source sandbox project. It has many advantages and lots of plugin resources. You can program objects, behaviours, and the world using LUA. I will place some of my own modifications, parkour maps and links to the playthroughs with my kiddies. LUA takes a different object-oriented programming philosophy, which makes is also interesting to teach. I love the teaching aspect of using Minetest this way, as it is a direct system for seeing ones effects. Combined with Blender, one can also make their own 3D mods and bring those directly into the game. Hopefully I will add some parkours we have done someday. I actually modded a bit, but have never bothered to upload my stuff yet.


  • Parkour maps and games we recorded
  • Script to import all the skins available into your Minetest game
  • Wands and tools mod based on work from 10-Plus-One. I made it a bit more flexible for my needs.
Playing with Minecraft

Okay, everyone knows what Minecraft is, one of the most popular sand-box games of all time. Unlike Minetest, the current version is not open-source, but you can also mod it if you purchase it, which also makes Minecraft a great playground as well as testing ground from simple to very sophisticated programming for hobbyists. I like the Java version and decided to take a soft step into modding by using MCreator. It is also not open-source, but free to download and use. MCreator using programming blocks, like say Scratch or Pocket-Code for tablet environments, or the LEGO Boost programming language. Since Java programming can be involved, it is a nice segue into the modding here. This makes is also ideal for teaching and getting kids motivated with programming.

My mods: